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Mathematical expectation is the amount a bet will average winning or losing. It is an extremely important concept for the gambler because it shows him how to evaluate most gambling problems. Using mathematical expectation is also the best way to analyze most poker plays. Let’s say you are betting a friend $ 1, even money, […]

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Tells have a near-mythical status amongst newcomers to the game. A tell can be anything from spotting an opponent’s betting patterns and noticing when he strays from the norm, to detecting a sometimes subtle change in someone’s mannerisms. Be warned, though; when dealing with a seasoned pro, any information they are seemingly displaying is usually […]

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Staking is a key factor in any betting and in particular spread betting. The issue is as follows: In fixed odds betting if a horse is 10/1 and you believe it to be a 9/1 shot to win the race you would stake £10. If it’s a 10/1 shot and you believe it to be […]

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This just may be an apocryphal story but it did appear in the august publication British Bloodstock Breeders’ Reviews back in the 1920s! – ‘I wonder if many people know that there is a tipster’s advertisement on the walls of one of the buried suburbs of Herculaneum? The translation runs roughly thus: “For the smallest […]

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Pokers, wild cards, and special rules may be introduced into any of these games to create such aberrations as Baseball, Follow the Queen, Anaconda, and scores of other variations that have Beyond Beginning Poker 3 spiced up home poker for decades. Paradoxically, the two types of players who favor these exotic poker variations are generally […]

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The professional gambler has to learn to live with disappointment without allowing it to cloud their decision-making ability. Whenever I have a losing streak, I take a holiday. It’s very hard to continue making the right judgements if you’re losing. You tend to chase your losses. DON’T. Take a careful note of horses that Ladbrokes […]

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