Top Sports Betting Events to Put Your Money

Sports betting has a big command in the UK betting market. Bookies let punters to but online like in DominoQQ, on their smartphones or even in the streets. Given that the market is so massive and the flow of money is reaching millions of pounds on a daily basis for every exchange, you may be wondering, which sport specifically are these people betting on?

Which Sports to Bet On?

In the next lines, you are going to learn just that. By betting on such sports, you will be able to get more tips and find people who can help you out in maximizing your wins while minimizing loss at the same time.


There’s just one place to kick off with regards to the famed market in sports betting in the country, and that’s none other than football. As a matter of fact, millions of fans are travelling to show their support on their team. While it is true, there are more people who want to get a piece of the action by betting n the sports.

The weekly football acca becomes cultural reference. Pregame chat about who’ll make the first goal is the main topic in pubs. Analysis of the postgame over which bets went wrong or right are pretty common. Both locally and internationally, sports and betting is without a doubt a thing but, football and betting becomes synonymous to each other.


To some people, they may be shocked that tennis is the next most popular and biggest sport in the UK. As a matter of fact, the sport is generating billions of revenue in bets alone per year. This isn’t bad actually for a sport that rarely gets headlines.

The onset of live betting played a vital role in the popularity of tennis betting. The fact the punters are allowed to bet on every set at just a touch of button made it even more appealing. Not only that, this is a sport that’s a lot more predictable than any other sports. If you are just going to look into the sport and do a more thorough analysis to it, it is ripe for profit already and UK punters are quick to tap into this.

Horse Racing

It may sound ridiculous but in 2017, punters made a total accumulated bet on 150 million pounds on Cheltenham Festival alone. Basically, it’s a huge market along with other big events similar to Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and Grand National.