The Big Bet On The Sports Business

The sports betting business is booming. Worldwide sales exceed one trillion dollars – an extremely lucrative market that also magically attracts criminals.

In the noble festival city of Salzburg, there are no fewer than six sports betting establishments within a radius of 150 meters. These betting shops are also available in Wels, Innsbruck, and Vienna, and in every major Austrian city. They like to settle in densely populated neighborhoods characterized by migrants.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sports Gambling

These sports betting outlets occupy the business premises of the dying retail trade and multiply particularly well where “little gambling” is prohibited. These are the federal states of Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, and Vienna. The development is not necessarily in the spirit of the inventor, especially since many city administrations wanted to get rid of the boring machine cafés and then found that they were simply replaced by betting shops.

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Sports Knowledge In Demand

The sports betting business is completely legal in Austria. It is not considered a “big” game of chance and therefore does not fall under the state monopoly. From a legal point of view, it is a “game of skill” because, according to the Administrative Court, the result of a sporting competition is not only dependent on chance, but also on “skill”, that is, the skill of the athletes. But the skill of the person who bets is also required. With the slogan “Turn your sports knowledge into cash”, the Novomatic subsidiary Admiral, for example, flatters the sports connoisseur.

Austria Gambles

The entire industry, including the state gaming monopoly, generated gross gaming revenue of EUR 1.9 billion in 2018. The stationary sports betting providers in Austria generated gross income of EUR 187.4 million before taxes in the previous year. Here, too, online is on the rise: 125.2 million gross gaming revenues have been flushed into the coffers of online bookmakers.

Everything that is Sports Related

Whether online or offline, the betting business is booming worldwide. You can bet on pretty much all kinds of sports from soccer to golf and tennis to car racing, cricket, boxing, horse racing, hockey, badminton and much more. According to a new study published by Zion Market Research this year, $ 1.04 trillion had been generated worldwide all through “sports betting”. According to this report, the number is expected to increase to $ 1.55 trillion in the next four years. The gigantic sums at stake – within Europe alone, three to four billion euros are likely to be spent on football matches every weekend. This naturally also awaken a lot of criminal energies like betting fraud game manipulation, and match-fixing.