Shared Rancho Mirage Spa Experiences Reveal Agua Caliente Casino Spa Secrets

In business, it’s always a gamble but not when you visit casino hotels that not only offer entertainment but also an experience you will never forget.

While the casino hotel is a Forbes’ 4-star rated, one-stop haven for locals, tourists, and weary travelers, its Sunstone Spa earned the 4-star reputation for itself. Mainly because the wellness-facility is highly appreciated for the clean, serene, and friendly environment, where guests receive excellent, full-service spa treatments and head-to-toe salon ministrations.

What It’s Like to be a Guest at the Sunstone Stone Facility of Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage

Heartwarming feedbacks about Rancho Mirage spa experiences are testimonies of how a day of pampering is like at The Sunstone Spa. Most first-time visitors agree that their relaxing experiences began with the congenial front desk staff who helped them plan on how to spend their day at the facility. The friendly ambiance is sustained by nice-looking spa assistants who hand guests their robe, a pair of slippers, and a key to a locker while giving them a tour of the facility on their way to the changing rooms and lounging areas.

The lounging area is already a welcoming experience. Here, guests are immediately conditioned for relaxation in a soft-lit room with deep-cushioned lounging chairs and availability of refreshing infused water selections, coffee or tea beverages plus fresh fruits that they can partake by requesting pared and/or sliced servings from the refreshments attendant. Guests can even have a choice of staying in a gender-specific or co-ed lounging area, whichever suits their liking.

Waiting for one’s turn to receive massage therapy, body treatment or salon service does not have to be spent lying on a lounging chair. Actually, guests are encouraged to spend some minutes in a dry or wet sauna or sit in a special eucalyptus-scented steam room, in preparation for their chosen wellness therapy. Some even arrive way earlier than their appointed hour, so they can savor great moments of soaking in a whirlpool.

Similar to lounging areas, saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools can be gender-specific or coed.

Experiencing Agua Caliente Casino Spa Resort’s Sunstone Spa Massages and Body Treatments

The most awaited moment of Rancho Mirage spa experiences are the times spent lying on a massage table to receive soothing and calming strokes; designed to promote mind and body wellness.

Regular Sunstone Spa guests usually ask for their favorite massage therapist, by specifically mentioning the latter by name. Still, all Sunstone Spa massage therapists are well-trained and reputed to have excellent kneading and rubbing skills as well as having friendly and caring tableside manners. It’s just that some regulars feel that their favorite therapist applies the right amount of pressure on their skin and muscles.

A massage therapy can either be deep tissue or hot stone. Yet many who are looking to make the most of their Rancho Mirage spa experiences, choose from the selection of Sunstone Infusion Packages. An infusion package is a massage therapy that includes a spa service and treatment; such as, but not limited, to facial service and detox wrap treatment; or a special sage and butter body massage with organic sage/salt body scrub and mineralized bath treatment.