Have You Fallen into the Tricks that Casino laid for You?

There are tons of things happening in a casino whether it is offline or online. But of course in the latter, you need to do Mega888 register before you can jump in the game. In regards to its land-based counterparts, the drinks and lights will definitely hook you up. As a matter of fact, the University of Las Vegas discovered that 23 casinos in the state bring in an accumulated amount of 72 million dollar each. And just in the end of 2013 fiscal year, it generated around 5 billion dollars of their visitors’ money all in all.

The Question is…

If this will be computed on an average basis, the casinos were able to rake in approximately 630,000 dollars per day, per casino. But how come people are so inclined in spending ridiculous amount of money in a casino? Truth is, this is one question that a lot of other people were asking as well.

Let us try to figure that out in the next paragraphs.

Casinos Hide Time

By intentionally and strategically making gamblers to lose their sense of time like not putting clocks on walls or even windows to see the sunrise and sunset outside is one thing that casinos are notorious about.

By losing the sense of time, people tend to stay longer and play longer inside the casino. As a matter of fact, the same tactic is used by malls to keep their shoppers buy for more.

Creating an Illusion that Everyone is a Winner

If ever someone won the jackpot, the casino will see to it that everyone would know about it. They do this by using celebratory noises and flashing lights. What the casino will do is to leave the noises and flashing lights running until the staff show up and address the win. When other players see this, it gives them a fighting chance and hope that they could be the next winner.

Putting Opportunities Right in Your Path

Casino games and a laptop

Wherever you go in Las Vegas, there is always the chance to gamble, particularly in its hotels. As guests are walking back and forth past the lights and bells and the flashy accoutrements, this tempts them more in throwing a coin and make bets in several games.

Chips instead of Real Money

Chips are an innovative type of money that holds equivalent currency as real money but is good only for casino use. As soon as the players changed convert their money into chips, majority of them has the tendency to spend all of it than going back and cash in the remaining chips they have.