Betting Companies Are Working Together To Get Tennis Players Back To Playing In Court

Tennis games have a long and complex relationship with the industry of sports betting. Especially in low-income groups, the prize money is oftentimes drastically lower than that offered by Match Fixers. But now that professional tennis has stopped through the epidemic coronavirus, talent agencies and competition organizers have begun sports betting to earn the income required for players to return to the arena ensuring their safety as possible. Topnotch Management teamed up with international data and integrity monitoring company Genius Sports to create a six-week Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 series with Top 300’s top ATP and WTA players participating. Players split $150,000 as a participation fee.

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Jennifer Brady and Sam Querrey are two of the top players in this event. MatchPlay 120 events take place on less than 10 sites, which includes chair umpires and other players. Social distancing standards will be established, and this includes forcing players to use tennis balls in various sets when serving. Kyle Ross, Top Notch Director informed ESPN, “I can’t stress enough how strange and honestly challenging it is to deal with an event with four pitches at all four locations, not to mention, all of them done remotely.”

Chris Dougan, Communications Director at Genius Sports, said that through simplified event creation, video streaming, and partnerships with sportsbook agents, they can provide roadmaps for other lower-level sports, allowing them to re-engage and gain publicity. The relationship between tennis and sports betting is still a concern, but Dougan said through his experience in the industry that he can advise event organizers on best procedures to stop match-fixing. Genius Sports provides technical support and integrity to many sports leagues, which includes the Premier League and the NBA.

Dougan stated, “When you look anywhere else worldwide where sports betting takes place, there exists a belief of a clear regulatory industry where sports betting is recognized as a genuine business.” “I’m serious about just how sports keep integrity mainly because when sports lose integrity then it loses customers. We believe that the relationship between sports and sports betting must be transparent and accurate so that sports can make a fair return on content. However, regardless of the prize money, this low-end tennis tournament remains a goal for the match.

ATP, ITF, or WTA, don’t assent to the series of Match120, however, participants are controlled by the anti-corruption program of tennis games. The match fixer’s offer has the potential to win potential dwarves for players, especially those not far from the tournament. Schneider didn’t answer, took a screenshot of the interaction and provided it to the site’s ITF supervisor, and answered a series of detailed questions from the tennis integrity department.