How Casinos are Generating Profits?

Online platform for casinos has brought almost the same level of thrill and excitement as much with land-based casinos. And these online casinos are sometimes more alluring and a preferable option among other casino enthusiasts for the incredible bonuses and promos they store for its patrons. At times, this makes a number of people wonder that despite the countless offers online casinos have like what you’d see in pkvgames, how they are actually generating profits?

You’ll probably be surprised how many ways casinos online are raking in money. Let’s check some of them below.


This is the first method in which casinos are making money. No matter what the game is played, the “Handle” is extremely popular among various game operators. This is basically he overall amount that players put in their bets.

Let us say for example that a player makes bet on table game such as craps. Everyone is putting bets in handle and the handle can be made either of chips or cash. The money may go in a couple of ways:

  1. Player wins the bet or;
  2. Player loses their bet

More often than not, it is fairly easy to be confused with the drop and the handle. The former is any credit or money that’s been traded for chip. Look at the game of blackjack as an example, metal drop box at table’s edge is called as the drop. Players are dropping bills as well as credit slips in this box. At times, the two terms are interchangeably used.

House Edge

In every bet, casinos both online and land-based have statistical advantage to which they are able to boost their profits. This is where the “House Edge” enters. There are two side of the coin for house edge. Casino win is simply the total amount of money the casino left with after paying players of their bets. This could be a negative amount in the event that the player wins more than what the casino holds. It can be a positive amount if they made more money of course. Hold percentage of the drop is considered as casino profit too.


This is sometimes looked as casino bonus given to players and it might be given because players are noticed to be spending great deal of money to the site or simply because they’re new players. Players who are making big bets or spending certain amount of time in a game might have a chance of receiving gifts from the casino, which can be anything such as tickets to show, airline tickets etc.