Uncontrollable Situation With Billions In Earnings

Numerous German gamblers are addicted to gambling

According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), lying because of gambling is a trademark of gambling addicts, as is gambling with ever-increasing stakes and committing criminal acts to raise money. Pathological gamblers in Germany may number as many as 200,000, according to Tilman Becker at Hohenheim University’s gaming research department. An additional 350,000 players pose a risk. Gambling machines are the most popular among them. In outpatient counseling or treatment centers, this is the primary form of gambling for about 77% of the gamers who attend. According to the Institute for Therapy Research’s 2017 addiction help figures, this is the case.

Legal games are tolerated in the real world

When it began, Brümmer explains, “it was once a month.” “When it was all said and done, I’d played 20 machines at once in the arcades. Limitless control is lost.” When it comes to Brümmer, I’ve played it for the last three years while at home on the Internet. ‘Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’ Online casinos and online poker are prohibited in Germany since they are part of the unregulated gambling sector, but there are casinos that are not prohibited like 우리카지노 Gaming offers from other EU member states that do not have a German gambling license are included in this illicit market. In reality, a substantial portion of it is tolerable.

Growth in the unregulated market

In 2017, gaming providers in Germany generated 14.2 billion euros in income, of which 22 percent came from non-regulated activities, such as online sports betting. According to the yearly report of the gambling supervisory authorities of the federal states, the numbers are as follows: Only 1 percent (157 million euros) of the market expanded last year, while 24 percent of the market grew (626 million euros). An amendment to their State Treaty on Gambling is currently being debated. In the near future, sports betting will be legalized in the United States. If current trends continue, online gambling should remain illegal. An international authority should have more control and regulation over gambling, says gambling researcher Becker. Priority must be placed on player protection, as “experts believe that a locked file is a very effective way to prevent gambling addiction.” All amusement arcades in Hesse have only had a blocking system in place up to this point in time. It is possible for the players themselves, their relatives, or the operator to request a ban.

Personnel and innovative measures ensure the safety of players

According to the association, gambling halls must have qualified staff in order for players to be protected within a legal framework. Nationally there are roughly 278,000 cash-operated gaming machines, of which 82,000 are not in amusement arcades but rather restaurants. It’s unclear how much of contribution gambling addicts make to sales, says Becker, a gambling expert who’s done extensive research on the subject. Some nights, Brümmer lost tens of thousands of dollars. He was in counseling for 18 months. So far, he’s been able to stay clean for eleven years. As he has learned from countless stories, this is not something that can be taken for granted. For the past two years, he has led a self-help program for footballers.