The development of the online betting market into business with billions in sales

The market for online betting has developed strongly in recent years. Due to the presence of the Internet in almost all regions and places in the world, more and more people have the opportunity to visit or contact online betting shops, platforms for sports betting, and private bookmakers.

Advertising also does its part to publicize the existing online betting options like situs QQ. Worldwide sales in the area of ​​online sports betting are already in the three-digit billions.

Online betting business worldwide for more than 20 years

Since the world’s first bet was placed on the Internet by a Finn in January 1996, countless betting enthusiasts have discovered the advantages of online bets for themselves. The first online bet was followed by rapid growth in the market. Business boomed in the early 2000s in particular. What was then seen as a phenomenon and finite growth has continued to this day. Online betting is more popular than ever. Some of the big betting providers around the world have made sure of that.


The step into the Internet: luck for far-sighted bookmakers

The far-sighted representatives of the guild recognized as early as the late 1990s that the Internet would prove to be a gold mine for bookmakers too. The pioneers of that time are now the top dogs among the world’s largest betting providers on the Internet. Online betting as a parlor game is the basic idea and since people loved to gamble back in the days of the Roman Empire, modern online betting is just a logical continuation of this. Following the development and the rapid expansion of the Internet, there were already more than 500 websites and platforms online in 2012, which exclusively focused on offering online sports betting.


The largest market for online betting: America

Today the largest market for sports betting is in the United States. It is followed by the Asian continent and Great Britain. However, the online sports betting business is stagnating in the USA. It is currently the betting markets in Europe and Asia that are each growing in the range of 15 to 20% per year. Since the legal requirements for gambling in these regions are somewhat sensitive, the providers are often based in countries and states whose attitudes and regulations around the entire betting and gambling sector are much more benevolent.