Role Played by Telegram’s Telegram Casino Bots in Mobile Gambling

One thing noticeable about online casinos in Southeast Asia is that nearly all operators use the Telegram app when accepting and onboarding new customers. Actually, all activities, from gaming to placing deposits or withdrawal are coursed though the Telegram messaging app. Although Telegram is basically a provider of communication services, the software for use in mobile gambling operations is known as the Telegram Casino.

An Overview of Telegram’s Telegram Casino Software

Telegram’s Telegram Casino platform has made it easier for remote gambling operators to connect to a customer in a secure environment; without need of a web browser or use of public Internet network. The private connection uses a virtual chat room supported by a bot that acts as intermediary between a casino platform and a customer. The connection between the two parties initializes from point of registration and will carry on every time the latter interacts with the mobile casino platform.

How the Mobile Casino App Works in Relation to the Telegram Casino

Once a registering customer’s identity has been verified and approved, the bot generates a password or private key to relay to the new customer. Let’s say a person wants to play at the mega888 mobile casino, the player has to download and install the Mega888 mobile casino app in order to get a valid connection to Mega888’s Telegram Casino software.

After receiving approval for his registration, the new customer will receive a password to use when logging in to play using his mobile casino app. The player does not have to provide any other information, except his private key or password. Mainly because through the app, his smartphone already has a direct connection to the Telegram Casino software used by mega888.

The Telegram Casino bot will then act as intermediary between the casino platform and the player every time the latter accesses mega888’s casino games.The bot processes and relays all information related to the customers playing activities. It transmits the player’s gaming commands to the online gambling platform and then through the chat room relays the results of the game to the customer.

The software running the Telegram Casino app is actually an Application Programming Interface (API) while the chat room serves as the user interface. It works similarly to the API that allows mobile banking customers to interact with their banks to transfer, make payments, or receive money via their respective bank account .

Through the Telegram Casino bot, deposit placements and requests for cash withdrawals can be relayed to the online gambling platform The online gambling platform will in turn, use their Telegram Casino software to process the financial transactions by connecting to the API being used by the banking institution specified by the player.

The entire system works using end-to-end encryption, a methods that makes it difficult for a third party to crack. The program is also configured to automatically block any unauthorized use of the chat room and of the Telegram Casino bot.