Post-Corona Online Business

Retail is booming, but not in the pedestrian zone, in the lovely inner city. And now that amusement parks, pubs, and cafés have all closed down except for a small take-away, apps are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. The betting business is not without controversy.

Hosting games on-site is still a bad idea, and betting is still a bad idea. Sports betting has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years, and it appears that this trend will continue. More and more bets are being placed, particularly online. However, there are still betting stores where bets can be placed. Is the online betting company a threat to the betting shops, or will they survive and even grow?

This is no longer an issue in the age of the internet. Bets can be placed almost 24/7. And you can do it all from inside your own four walls or from anywhere using your smartphone. Nevertheless, betting shops exist and will continue to exist.

A place of communication

A big advantage of betting shops is the fact that they show numerous sports broadcasts. On the other hand, you usually need an expensive subscription to a pay TV station on your home TV set . You can also talk shop in a betting office and exchange ideas.


Many betting enthusiasts spend several hours there and there are often small snacks. Many people appreciate such places of encounter, and they would be missing something if that no longer existed.

There are around 3400 betting shops in Germany . Well-known owners are Tipico, XTiP or Bet3000, who also offer online betting. These betting providers are certainly interested in keeping their branches open. That would also be beneficial for customer loyalty and brand awareness.

In addition, betting shops are also employers. In addition to its 1,800 employees, Tipico employs a further 6,000 employees through the franchise network. Tipico certainly earns most of its money on the Internet. Over 4.5 million customers have an account with the company, which was founded in Germany, but the betting offices also generate an insignificant share of sales. There is still some catching up to do here, as many smaller cities do not yet have betting offices and, as is well known, demand is increasing.

The advantage of online betting

As already described, bets can be placed at any time using a computer or smartphone. But when it comes to bonus promotions, online sports betting providers are unbeatable. Hardly any bookmaker gives new customer bonuses or free bets on site. But almost all online betting providers do that.

If you invest some time in a detailed sports betting bonus comparison, you can get great promotions. Often the first deposit is doubled once or there are free bets or risk-free bets. Many online sports betting providers are also convincing when it comes to the selection of bets and the odds. But betting shops also have unbeatable arguments and so there will continue to be a coexistence in the future.