How does gambling affect the economy?


Gambling has always been a topic of debate. In cities with casinos and arcades, many residents are outraged by this. After all, these facilities provide visitors and transportation, but they are not always welcome. Gambling is a high priority not only for Germany but also for the authorities. The federal state, which is responsible for issuing licenses in Germany, makes significant financial profits from the sales generated by games in casinos and arcades. For this reason, gambling portals on the Internet, such as the slot online, are so controversial that no amount will be paid to the German authorities.


The calculation is not easy

Of course, there are many types of gambling. Therefore, it is not easy to calculate how high your sales will be. There are many variations, from lottery tickets to sports betting, roulette, and slot machines. Many of these games are also available online, but there is no central place for sales to be reported. Therefore, anyone who wants to think about economic benefits depends on estimates. The illegal gambling market is also large and a bit complicated.

Increased sales

The calculation is complicated, but it can be said that games of chance are booming in Germany. For sports betting, for example, sales increased from approximately € 3.7 billion to more than € 6.1 billion between 2013 and 2016. The popularity of related providers is also reflected in the fact that they spend a lot of money on advertising in sports clubs, especially in the football sector. A few years ago, such advertising was still illegal in Germany. In the meantime, the company has even evolved into a premium partner for several Bundesliga clubs, unimaginable without sponsors.

Problems of the authorities

From a government perspective, however, the ever-expanding market for gambling on the Internet is a problem. On the one hand, there is a state monopoly on such games in Germany, which is intended to ensure that the problem of gambling addiction is kept as small as possible. At the same time, however, the authorities are interested in increasing sales in gambling, after all this means higher income for the federal states and municipalities. However, market control is increasingly being lost on the Internet. Although gambling turnover is increasing, government agencies in Germany are not benefiting from this boom and at the same time have to fear that more and more casinos will have to close in the coming years.