Social Marketing: The Simple 3 Point Plan For Business Owners

Pretty much every business owner who can turn on a computer is either actively trying to generate business from social media or wondering if they should get involved. The opportunity is massive – but so is the risk of wasting time and effort.

Fact is, too many busy business owners are just spinning their wheels on social media. Here’s the two-minute lowdown on how you avoid that.

The simple 3 point plan for any business owner who wants to drive business with social marketing

First, before you even think about posting your first tweet or looking for ‘friends’, ensure you grab the valuable online ‘real estate’ in your or your business’s name before somebody else does.

There are 5 key sites you need to do this on – even if ultimately I’d recommend you focus 80% of your efforts on one of them to begin with so you can master it (personally I like Twitter).

Second, figure out who your target market is and how you can provide VALUE to them – which in turn will allow you to start building relationships, generating web traffic and getting people interested in you and what you have to offer.

This post explains how to do this in more detail:

Third, once you understand what to share on social sites, engaging consistently will show potential customers that you’re made of the right stuff and give you the platform to promote whatever it is you’re doing.

Here’s a simple timetable showing you how often to post updates and introducing a fantastic free tool to make your life easier…

That’s the basic framework – but to put some ‘meat on the bones’ with a wealth of ideas, examples and information on time-saving tools you should also download ’30 Social Media Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Building Your Business With Social Media’, my free workbook, here or by entering your details in the box below.

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