Infographic: How US Fortune 500 Companies Are Using Social Media

The Fortune 500 list ranks the top 500 US companies – and there are a few surprises in how they’re using social media.

In particular, I’m surprised that more don’t have a corporate blog (though I’d expect the 2012 statistics, when they arrive, to show a big increase there)…

Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics
Infographic by- Web DesignCompany

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  • Yeremi Akpan

    I am surprised that at this time only 35% of top 100 of fortune 500 companies have an active blog.

    If I had been asked, I would have said all have one.

    My bad! :(

    • TheTysonReport

      Or possibly their bad Yeremi! For all the talk of content marketing, that’s actually amazingly low, and a real missed opportunity.