How To Write A Best-Selling Book with @RobKosberg [PODCAST]

How much could your own best-selling book help your business? When his real estate business hit catastrophe during the credit crunch, Rob Kosberg found the answer – by publishing a book he was able to generate a million dollars in new revenue.

Now a two-time international best-selling author, through his business, Best Seller Publishing, Rob now specialises in helping entrepreneurs create and market best-selling books, with all the attendant benefits – and has successfully marketed over 200 authors to best seller status, in 23 different industries.

Rob is also an entrepreneur who has been involved in many different businesses so he feels your pain! And in our brand new podcast (Episode 79), Rob and I discuss:

  • Should every business owner write a book? Why, or why not?
  • Is it better to write an original book from scratch, or pull together existing content? And if the latter, what kind of content?
  • How many words do we actually need for a book?
  • Should we self-publish or try to get a ‘traditional’ publisher?
  • How important is Amazon in all this?
  • How easy is it to become a ‘best seller’?
  • Because the ‘barriers to entry’ to publishing a book are falling, does this mean that being a ‘published author’ will become devalued over time?
  • How Rob’s 9 step ‘Publish. Promote. Profit’ process works

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  • Fantastic episode! Thank you both, so much!

    • TheTysonReport

      Thank you v much Morgan :) Glad you enjoyed it.