How To Build A List (And Why You Must)

There’s no question where the hype is in online marketing right now: social media. And, to a certain extent, there’s nothing wrong with that. Social media can be a great source of traffic and allows you to initiate and build relationships with interesting people.

And yet, as I explained in Social Media’s Inconvenient Truth, social media’s value as a platform is the way it allows people to get to know, like and trust you – it is NOT in driving the conversions and sales we all need to stay in business DIRECTLY.

Which is why, if you’re sensible, you’ll use social media primarily as a way to build your email list…

You see, email has many unique attributes as a marketing medium that make it perfect for generating sales – not least that it is the most PERSONAL online channel of all. Regular contact with an email list of customers and interested parties that allows you to communicate with VALUE is something EVERY business needs to be doing.

What’s more, almost everyone has an email address, and, unlike a list of connections in social media, you OWN the email list you build.

Which means you’re not at the mercy of Mark Zuckerberg (or any other social media tycoon) when he decides to charge you every time you contact your ‘fans’ through HIS platform (a totally natural and predictable trend that is already coming to pass).

And to those who wonder if email is somehow ‘dying’, I have just a couple of questions.

  1. How many times have you checked your emails this week? 
  2. If you lost access to your main email account forever in 10 minutes time, what kind of headaches would that cause you?

Not for nothing is the truism that ‘the money is in the list’, and the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get the benefit. But you don’t have to take my word for it – if you prefer, ask Guns ‘N’ Roses…

So how do you build an email list?

Well, you could start by watching this short video where I explain some of the fundamentals…

Key to a good list building effort is driving lots of targeted traffic to a ‘squeeze page’, but this is an area where many mistakes are made. Here’s how you can avoid them:

Finally, it doesn’t make sense to start list building without decent email marketing software to manage as much of the process of list building, subscriber management and email campaigns for you as possible.

AWeber is the market leader (and I recommend them too – please note this is an affiliate link which means I earn a small commission if you purchase through it).

When their Facebook integration option came in, it seemed like a great idea. But is it? You may be surprised at the performance stats that came out of my experiment…

…and of course, once you’ve got an email list you’ll need to communicate with it effectively, so to download my comprehensive free workbook on how to use an ‘ezine’ or email newsletter, and to get regular tips on how to build a list and generate traffic, just enter your details in the box on this page…

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