Google Clobbers Exact Match Domains

Google has just announced a new algorithm change that could seriously affect your website if it’s an exact match domain.

What’s an ‘exact match domain’?

It’s one that matches the keywords used in a particular search query.

For example, if you were a plumber in Lancaster, you might have chosen the domain

Historically, when anyone searched Google for ‘lancaster plumber’, the fact that your domain was an exact match for that search query would have given you a considerable advantage in ranking on Google’s search results pages…

But no more.

Google is now ‘turning the knob down’ for that particular signal and lots of businesses – especially local businesses with simple websites – are seeing their rankings hit as a result.

I don’t think Google is going after local businesses. It’s just that the type of websites that local businesses often have (i.e. thin on content) can, to a search engine, resemble the type of low quality ‘microsite’ built solely to harvest traffic from a single search query that is targeted with this latest algorithm change.

This is the reality of SEO now…

The reality of SEO now is that it’s getting harder and harder for the little guy to make any inroads at all.

You either need to pay top dollar for a GOOD SEO consultant (and avoid the charlatans who may even damage your ranking with their shady tactics), or spend ages at your desk producing increasing amounts of content and constantly trying to generate backlinks.

It’s a full time job!

That’s why I like pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – because it can put you on page 1 of Google immediately for the exact search queries you want, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, and you can often buy clicks for pennies.

Nowhere near enough small businesses use PPC and that’s why I also ‘wrote the book’ on how anyone can start from scratch and set up effective campaigns in a couple of days.

Previously this has been on sale for £47 – but it’s now included free with my VIP Membership, because I’m committed to providing ‘over the top’ value there.

I’m so convinced that you’ll like what you get there that you can access ALL the VIP Resources – including this 60 page, fully screenshotted, step-by-step PPC manual – for a month for the daft sum of just £1 here.

I’m a Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional and I’ve spent tens of thousands on PPC, so I know what I’m on about, and at that price, grabbing the manual to download has to be a bit of a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

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