How long does the average visitor spend on your site?

Maybe a couple of minutes – if you’re lucky. Most will be there probably just a few seconds before deciding they don’t understand what it’s all about or – crucially – what’s in it for them. So you have to win them over quickly.

And that’s where your “One Minute Marketing Message” comes in.

This is a simple, ‘fill in the blanks’ technique you can use to explain any business, service or product clearly and succinctly in a single sentence. And it works offline as well – in letters, on the phone or in person.

The One Minute Message formula has four parts:

1. [Name of business/product/service] …
2. …is a [describe the product/service]…
3. …for [your target customer]…
4. …that [describe the main benefit – how it will make the customer FEEL positively].

That last point is crucial: you are selling the BENEFIT of the product or service (how using it will make the customer FEEL) – NOT its FEATURES (what it is).

That’s what will convince people to keep reading, and ultimately to buy from you.

But maybe you need some help figuring out YOUR One Minute Marketing Message – or putting it into the right words?

Then let us help.

As an approved supplier of the UK Government’s growth voucher scheme, we’ve helped multiple clients establish their core marketing message.

And having put together over a thousand landing pages, we know from experience how to write succinct, attention-grabbing and convincing copy that really works.

So if you’d like us to turn your underperforming website into a focused sales machine get in touch here.

Save 50p (but you’ll actually pay 68p more).

That’s what consumers were faced with in one supermarket, which quickly upped its orange squash price from £1 to £1.59 before bringing in a special “2 for £2.50 offer”.

According to a Competition and Markets Authority report, there have been 800 potentially misleading pricing tactics at supermarkets.

Little wonder then that 69% of consumers said that they sometimes find it difficult to work out whether an offer is a good deal or not.

But is your website part of the problem?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not accusing you of deliberately misleading customers. But you probably are confusing them.

Perhaps your homepage is an array of different products, prices and promotional offers?

Or you’re trying to sell more than one product on the same page?

If that’s the case, then most likely your visitors will take the easiest, cheapest option – and just leave.

To get sales, you really need to focus each page on one core message, and one clear call to action. And you need to get these across with compelling copy, tailored to the specific product and your key target audience.

But if that sounds too difficult or time-consuming, then let us help.

My team and I produce around 25,000 words of written content a month, and we’ve put together over 1,000 landing pages for a wide range of clients.

Not only that but we’ve also tracked the results, so we know from experience and testing what really converts.

So if you’d like us to produce professional, high-converting sales pages for your business, just get in touch here.

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