Are you using the wrong images in your Facebook ads?

You see, unlike the regular Google AdWords ads, Facebook ads are highly image-centric. That’s obvious, right?

But how much did you really think about the image you’re using?

Have you found a carefully considered picture designed to appeal to the particular audience you’re targeting? Or is it something generic – or even worse, a logo which means nothing to the potential customer?

Use a boring image and chances are no one will even look at your carefully crafted headline.

So what works?

Well, apologies to the feminists among you, but sex still sells. Now I’m not suggesting you use a half-naked underwear model to represent your accountancy practice. In fact, Facebook will probably stop you doing that anyway.

But pictures of women usually get the attention of men. While, interestingly, women respond well to them too. But other than that, it’s mainly a question of appealing to your specific audience, picking out the sort of image that will appeal to them and draw their attention.

And don’t worry if you’re not sure. You can easily test several images on rotations – to quickly find out which get the best response.

But if you’re still struggling to create effective ads, just get in touch.

While my team and I probably won’t win any photo contests, I’m sure we can find you the right images – and words – to create effective, sales-boosting campaigns.

Barcelona? Bali? Bondi Beach? Where would you go on holiday – if you actually had the time?

Chances are you’re too bogged down with admin, or chasing up prospects, to even think about it.

But what if you could automate a big chunk of your customer admin and marketing – for very little cost?

Autoresponders are standardised emails written by you and triggered by customer actions, or at specific time intervals after that.

You’re probably aware of welcome emails – sent automatically after you sign up for something. They’re a great way to engage with your audience immediately. (Even if it’s 3am and you’re fast asleep.)

But there’s so much more you can do with autoresponders.

How about sending your customer an email three days after they buy something asking how they’re getting on – and letting them know about a great complementary product? Or sending an automatic reminder a month before their renewal date – without having to remember when that is?

You could even set up a series of informative, educational emails for prospects – to demonstrate your knowledge in the field – and showcase your product.

Chances are you can do all this in your existing email software – so no need to shell out on an expensive new package.

And the best news?

Once set up, everything is automatic, leaving you time to enjoy that cocktail in the Caribbean – or at least to concentrate on another area of your business.

But if that all sounds too complicated, or time-consuming to set up then let us help.

My team of online marketers and I have set up countless autoresponders for multiple clients. We know more about triggers than a gun club caretaker. And more about the best intervals than a theatre fanatic.

So if you’d like us to create a tailored series of autoresponders for your business, just get in touch.

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