Almost all organisations these days claim to have a ‘strategy’ – it would hardly be fashionable not to!

But how many of these strategies are delusional, destroying value and organisations?

And how do you make sure yours is on the right track?

Our latest podcast looks at this crucial area for business owners.

I’m actually sitting out this one as my co-host Sean Clark talks to Marc Stigter, co-author of the book Solving the Strategy Delusion.

Through both his academic research and real-life experience as a strategy advisor and executive at various blue-chip companies, Marc has gained some valuable insights into this important topic, including:

• Why strategy is so important
• Why so many strategies fail
• How to avoid the “Planning Delusion”
• How and why to look at strategy from the outside in
• The Porsche example – or how to discover option D

To hear the full interview with Marc – and get some useful tips on strategy for your business – just click on the play button above.

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Too many tweets make a t**t?

by Mike Anderson

“Too many tweets might make a t**t.”

So said Prime Minister David Cameron back in 2009…

…before changing his mind and joining the social network three years later.

But whatever you think that makes him, it just goes to show how everyone wants to be on social media these days.

But while it can be a useful form of marketing, it’s so easy to get it wrong, and waste hours of your valuable time, with nothing to show for it.

The key to getting it right is of course ROI.

Not the Republic of Ireland (though the Emerald Isle does provide a handy tax dodge for Facebook)…

…but return on investment.

For any activity on social media, if you don’t get back more in revenue than you invest to get it (whether in actual money or the time equivalent) then it’s not worth doing.

But isn’t social media marketing too difficult to measure?

Woollier than a sheep in a knitted jumper?

Well, not necessarily – if you track everything properly.

If you link each post through to a specific landing page, you can track (through Google Analytics) the number of people who visit it from that post.

And by inserting some simple code in the thank you page (i.e. after someone leaves their details) you can see exactly how many clicks from that post have converted into leads.

So if you know how much a lead is worth to you, you can calculate the value generated from that post.

And once you know which ones are working…

…you can tailor your marketing strategy to focus more on what really converts.

Now there’s something worthy of a “like”.

But if you’re still unsure about how to track your social media campaigns effectively, or want some tips on maximising returns from your online marketing…

…check out my Double Your Web Sales online training course.


Do You Make These 5 Copywriting Mistakes?

by Mike Anderson

Do the WORDS you use when you talk about your product or service have people eagerly scrambling for their wallet… or eagerly requesting KILL. ME. NOW? Fact is, they can have either effect… Your words can either engage and enchant… or bore the shit out of everybody. You wouldn’t fall into the lame copy trap, […]

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The Shortcut to Fast Results – Joint Venture Marketing Explained [PODCAST]

by Mike Anderson

Wouldn’t it be nice to “piggyback” on someone else’s success? To profit from their audience, reputation or know-how… …without having to build up all of these yourself from scratch? Well you can do just that with a joint venture. Once you start thinking about it, there are all sorts of opportunities for you to work […]

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How To Avoid Employees From Hell Through Smarter Interviewing, w/ @James_A_Reed [PODCAST]

by Mike Anderson
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If your business is growing, at some point you’ll need to take on staff. Getting in the RIGHT people can help your business fly – in fact it could be your biggest source of competitive advantage… But get it WRONG and you could end up with an expensive headache that is hard to get rid of. […]

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5 Fast, Easy Ideas For Content Your Audience Will Eat Up [PODCAST]

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Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes? [Video 5/5]

by Robert Tyson

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Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes? [Video 4/5]

by Robert Tyson

Here’s video 4 of 5 in my short series on copywriting mistakes. This one’s common and it’s a real sales killer… Missed the other videos in this series? Watch them here: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 5

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Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes? [Video 3/5]

by Robert Tyson

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Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes? [Video 2/5]

by Robert Tyson

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