Google can be a massive source of traffic – especially if you make the most of it AdWords service.

But if, like many business owners, you fail to target the right audience effectively, it can turn into a ruinous waste of money.

So how can you get it right – and create an easy, consistent source of leads at the right price?

Find out in my podcast series on AdWords.

Part 3 is now available and includes:

• How many ad groups do you need?
• What’s the display network – and should you use it?
• The mobile mistake – and how to avoid it
• What’s a good amount to bid?
• How to avoid overspending

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8 hours.

That’s what Venezuelans spend on average each week looking for basic groceries.

They’ll event get their fingerprints scanned in order to buy them.

But people in the crisis-hit South American country are prepared to do this because they don’t have much choice. Such is the scarcity of the most basic foodstuffs.

But chances are your customers do have a choice.

If you make it longer or more difficult for them to buy, they simply won’t bother.

Yet many businesses still have unnecessarily long registration forms, complicated sign up processes or confusing sales pages with multiple, competing options.

Now that’s more crackers than the situation in Caracas!

Your landing pages need to make it as easy as possible for someone to buy.

That means a clear, simple call to action and a straightforward sign up form.

Along with convincing, objection-busting copy and attention-grabbing headlines.

But if you’re not sure of the best way to put these together, why not let us help?

My team and I have written and set up over a thousand landing pages, for clients ranging from financial institutions to fashion sites.

And we know from the results – and frequent testing – what really drives the most sales.

So if you’d like us to create high-performing landing pages for you, just get in touch here.

The Great Website Switch-Off

by Mike Anderson

It’s one of the most-read websites in the world. But it’s about to get turned off. The BBC is today closing down the desktop version of its site. And switching all users over to the mobile responsive version. Why? Because over 65% of its visitors are on mobile or tablets. And perhaps yours are too. But if your […]

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Suspicious Minds: Are You Caught in the Trap?

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A man walks into a bar and offers to sell you something at a great price – that you can’t even see there and then. You’re going to be pretty suspicious, right? You don’t know him. You can’t see what he’s selling. And you don’t know how he can offer that price. Well, now you know how your […]

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How Market Leaders Get That Way

by Mike Anderson

How do market leaders get to their enviable position? How do they beat the competition and grow quickly? According to bestselling business authors Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, it’s a one-word answer… Focus. Market leaders don’t try to be all things to all people. Because different customers place value on different things, they focus on attracting the customers […]

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The Longcut to More Sales?

by Mike Anderson

I’ll try and keep this brief. After all, that’s the way you have to go with emails, right? Short, snappy messages, with a couple of brief bullet points and lots of “click here” buttons? Wrong. Some of the best-performing emails I’ve come across have been over a thousand words in length. But how can that be […]

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A Whacky, Crazy Way to Boost Sales

by Mike Anderson

OK, this may seem a bit out there. It’s something that I know a lot of businesses won’t do. But it’s brought me and several clients great success – at very little cost. So what is this whacky, crazy, sales-boosting idea? Keep in touch with your customers. But I know what you’re thinking now: that’s hardly […]

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[FREE TRAINING] The First 6 Steps To Marketing Any Website

by Robert Tyson

SEO, social, email, content, video, paid advertising, analytics… what should you prioritise, and where do you start? Watch this video of my recent online training session, below, and you’ll get a simple, 6 step ‘road map’ that will help you move away from the confusion, the frustration and the uncertainty… And put you on the right track […]

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What Is Minergy Marketing?

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I came across a new word recently. Minergy. Apparently it means using minimum energy to get the task done. OK, it’s not up there with other great portmanteau words like zedonk, frankenfood or craptacular. But it’s much more important for your online marketing strategy. Because you should be seeking to maximise returns not just based on […]

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The Top Marketing Trend For 2015?

by Mike Anderson

Augmented reality. Virtual storytelling. Hyper segmentation. All hot trends for 2015 – apparently. But if these all sound more confusing than calculus, don’t worry. If I had a pound for every time I’d read an article about the latest hot new trend, that was going to completely revolutionise online marketing then I’d be richer than double […]

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