If your social media accounts consist of one ‘buy my stuff’ message after another, but you’re not yet ready to create your own content, a strategy of content curation could do you a power of good.

Content curation is about filtering the flood of information out there into a useful, manageable stream that has a value for your target market, and it has many benefits:

  • Helps you become known as a resource in your market
  • Which in turn earns you the right to promote your own services
  • Shows you’re on top of what is happening in your field
  • Builds authority, trust and goodwill

So how do you do it, and which tools can help you?

Episode 32 of The Small Business Marketing Report is here to tell you…

How to listen to this free podcast:

At my ‘Double Your Web Sales’ event, I outline 3 online marketing ‘crimes’ that will decimate your chances of profiting from your website.

Honestly? I’d be surprised if you weren’t ‘committing’ all of them.

I’ll give you a clue though…

Here’s a two minute, 58 second snippet of audio from the event (which attendees paid not less than £247 to attend) revealing crime #3…

Want another hint? It’s to do with your homepage… but probably not the way you think.

>>>>> Click here to listen to this short audio clip <<<<<


If you found this interesting, I’m holding another – fully updated – ‘Double Your Web Sales’ event on 28 June 2014…

…and until 6pm on Friday 11 April you can still grab a super-early bird discount from this link.

Here’s what attendees at the last event said about it on Twitter:


Here’s the link to book your place and get more info.

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