Augmented reality. Virtual storytelling. Hyper segmentation.

All hot trends for 2015 – apparently.

But if these all sound more confusing than calculus, don’t worry.

If I had a pound for every time I’d read an article about the latest hot new trend, that was going to completely revolutionise online marketing then I’d be richer than double chocolate fudge cake.

And quite frankly, I’d need to be collecting all those pound coins because if all those articles had been right, my current marketing strategy would be useless.

Yet year after year, I continue to grow my business.


Well obviously I use a few different methods – from PPC to YouTube. And I always consider new opportunities.

But what gets me consistent results, time and again, and has done for years?

The unfashionable, oft-derided and frequently written-off email marketing.

By building a list of relevant, interested contacts, you can get in touch regularly, build trust and convince them of the benefits of your product.

And because you own the list, you have complete control.

What’s more, it costs very little to send but has enormous potential to generate business.

In fact, a Direct Marketing Association study shows that, on average, £1 spent on email marketing returns a staggering £21.48!

Try getting that from any of this year’s “hot new trends”.

But, of course, effective email marketing requires interesting, engaging and well-written copy.

From eye-catching, open-inducing subject lines, to clear, conversion-driving calls to action.

And it usually takes some time, experimentation and practice to get it right.

But if you want a shortcut, let us help.

In the last 5 years alone, I estimate my team and I have written over 9,000 marketing messages – for businesses ranging from publishers to bookkeepers to soft play centres to stockbrokers.

So not only are we highly practised persuaders, we also know from the stats what sells – and what sucks.

If you’d like us to write your marketing emails – or sales pages – just get in touch here.

Mourinho’s Click Hazard

by Marco Muscio

Eye-poking megalomaniac he may be…

But sometimes Jose Mourinho gets it spot on.

Answering a question about whether Eden Hazard would be named Player of the Year, the Chelsea manager recently said:

“If somebody throws other names onto the table, it is because they want to sell newspapers, or want clicks on links…”

That Jose would mention the importance of CLICKS to newspapers’ agendas these days is telling…

Because latest stats show national daily newspapers in the UK lost HALF A MILLION in average daily sales over the past YEAR alone!

Only now are newspapers waking up to paywalls and (20 years late) building opt-in email lists of prospects.

What a great example of an industry that didn’t move with the times.

Of course, you would never be so blind… would you?

If you need your online marketing strategy kicking into gear, talk to us.

Over the last 11 years we’ve done this kind of work for approximately 150-200 websites.

Yes: it will require some money.

But you don’t need the bank balance of a Russian oligarch to get started.

If you’re serious about growing your business, and are willing to invest in getting the right potential customers through to your site…

…just get in touch here.

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