I’d like to tell you about the fastest way I know of generating a large amount of targeted traffic, quickly. And the great news is – it won’t cost you any money – but you WILL have to do a bit of research…

One of the most vital things you can do for your business is to sit down and do some research on other, non-competing businesses that also serve your target market.

In other words, you should create a fact-file of businesses your ideal customer uses:

  • Before
  • At the same time as, and
  • After they use you.

Now just as you’ve been building your own OPT-IN email list of customers and potential customers and providing useful communications to it (RIGHT???), many of the businesses you’ve just identified, if they’re savvy, have been doing the same…

So you contact them and arrange a list swap.

In other words, they do a mailing of your promotion to their list, and you run a mailing of their promotion to your list.

N.B. I know a lot of people get confused about this… but ‘swap’ does NOT mean you share data…

Note well: you are NOT sharing customer data here.

You and the business you arrange the swap with conduct the mailing to your own separate lists, on behalf of each other.

At no point does the list or the data on it leave the control of the individual list owner. Sharing data would break data protection laws (and you’d be mad to let your database out of your control anyway).

Notwithstanding setting up the deal, I said this was a fast way of generating traffic – and it is.

Other traffic generation methods are ‘drip drip’ but typically you’ll get about 50% of the response to your email within 4 hours of it being sent – so if you mail a big list with a compelling message, be ready to deal with the response.

Ideally you want a partner with a list about the same size as yours, though if there is a mismatch, your emailer software may allow you both to mail an agreed number of subscribers – say 10,000, 2,000 or even 500 of each other’s list – and that way barter a deal.

Good places to find potential partners for this kind of swap are forums within your particular niche, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter.

But do your research: join your potential partner’s list and make sure you are certain you’re dealing with someone who you can be comfortable with before you do a deal.

After all, you’ll be exposing them to YOUR precious list and YOUR precious, carefully nurtured relationships!

=> If you’re yet to set up and start building your own opt-in email list, you can find more advice on how to get started here.

The information publishing business can be a great business… but adding ‘information products’ as a sideline to your own business can be enormously beneficial too. Creating a scalable, hands-off revenue stream is just the most obvious of many benefits.

The smallest local business can tap into global markets with the right info product, and if you’re a consultant, authoring your own info product can in fact allow you to charge higher rates because it increases your authority significantly.

But what is an ‘information product’ anyway? How can you get started selling info products? What information will sell and what should you charge? And above all, doesn’t the amount of free information on the internet mean no-one is willing to pay for information these days in any case?

All questions answered in our brand new podcast…

I’ve worked in the information publishing business for over 10 years – and in fact right now I’m working on a new guide to the subject.

My co-host Sean Clark also has a successful product (on Twitter for business) to his name so listen in for some insights based on our successes – and mistakes…

Listen to Episode 41 of The Small Business Marketing Report podcast direct from this website above or subscribe via iTunes (where, if you like it, we’d be grateful if you could leave a review, or a star rating).

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