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Book Review: Lend Me Your Ears: All you need to know about making speeches and presentations by Max Atkinson

Delivering effective presentations is such a crucial task for many business owners and professionals. Yet, as Professor Max Atkinson argues in this though-provoking and highly useful book, the industry-standard, PowerPoint list model that many presenters now follow is almost guaranteed to send your audience to sleep.

Drawing on extensive research and over 30 years’ experience in the field, as well as classical theory, Atkinson explains the unique factors that make public speaking different from any other kind of communication – and how you can deal with them effectively.

Covering everything from sentence structure and word choice to eye contact, visual aids and body language, this comprehensive guide lives up to its subtitle’s billing as “all you need to know about making speeches and presentations”.

Yet, with the book clearly structured into particular sections and subsections, it’s easy to pick out the key points and tips without getting bogged down in the often detailed explanations of the reasoning.

At times some of the advice seems more dated than the 2004 publication date would suggest (and I doubt many readers need concern themselves too much with the practicalities of acetate slides!). However, there are some useful tips on effectively using PowerPoint, which remains the default choice for most speakers these days.

In any case, the vast majority of the techniques in the book are pretty timeless. Indeed, one of the most interesting and useful sections is on rhetorical devices – which have been written about since ancient times. Here they are well explained in simple language, with tips that can easily be replicated in the reader’s own speeches.

And as with almost every recommendation in the book, they come with plentiful examples from well-known speakers, which often liven up the text as well as demonstrating the point.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given Atkinson’s background as a long-time adviser to Paddy Ashdown, these are primarily from the world of politics, but there is also a specific section of the book dedicated to how these techniques can be applied in a business context – and this is also filled with real-life examples.

Meanwhile, the end of every chapter features a handy recap followed by a series of exercises to help readers better understand and put into practice the ideas discussed.

This, combined with a wealth of well-researched and clearly explained content, makes Lend Me Your Ears an incredibly useful learning tool, and reference guide, for anyone looking to deliver more effective presentations.

If you’re looking for more help to improve your presentations or speaking skills, our friends at the College of Public Speaking offer a wide range of helpful public speaking courses in London.

These include the popular Fear of Public Speaking courses and professional Train the Trainer courses, which lead to a widely recognised BTEC qualification.

We also recommend their free 5-part email mini-course: 5 Powerful Shortcuts to Conquer Your Nerves and Speak with More Confidence

The 5 Step Automated Online Marketing Blueprint

by Mike Anderson

Marketing is changing FAST… If in the next 3 years if you haven’t implemented AUTOMATED online marketing systems, the truth is you are going to get taken to the cleaners by competitors that have. But fortunately, there’s a proven 5-step process you can follow to create your own reliable automated marketing system – harnessing some […]

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The Jeremy Corbyn School of Marketing

by Robert Tyson
Thumbnail image for The Jeremy Corbyn School of Marketing

Have a quick squizz at Jez Corbyn’s Labour leadership bid website and you’ll see some decent online marketing going on: Very simply, what Jez has there is pretty much a ‘squeeze page’ – he wants your EMAIL… and that’s about it. [Update: since this was originally posted, Jeremy Corbyn has won the contest and […]

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A Foolproof Formula to Create an Effective “Talking Head” Video

by Mike Anderson

Video has been proven time and again to increase engagement – and it could make a dramatic difference to your conversion rates – if you get it right. What’s more, with the powerful technology available in your average smartphone these days, videos are also easy and cheap to make. But how do you create a video […]

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5 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website [PODCAST]

by Mike Anderson

It’s all very well getting traffic to your website, but it’s completely useless if you can’t convert it into leads. And it’s even worse if you’re wasting good money on generating that traffic. So how can you get more leads from your website? Well, in my latest podcast (episode #67) co-host Sean Clark and I […]

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Social Media as a Recruitment Tool – with Julie Bishop [PODCAST]

by Mike Anderson

You’re probably familiar with some of the marketing possibilities – and limitations – of social media. But it can also be a fantastic tool for finding new employees – with much lower costs than traditional recruitment. In a brand new podcast, my co-host Sean Clark speaks to “JobHop” Julie Bishop about how you can take […]

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Which CRM System is Right for You? – 7 Options Explained [PODCAST]

by Mike Anderson

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is probably THE most important marketing tool a growing business can implement. Get it right and it can drastically improve your efficiency, reduce your admin – and massively increase the amount of sales you actually close. In an earlier podcast (episode #63) co-host Sean Clark and I discussed what […]

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The 3 Kinds Of USP

by Robert Tyson

In every promotion, I really have three sets of USPs (Unique Selling Propositions): 1) The company’s USPs It ensures you get everything you buy in five days or less … its guarantee is the most uniquely powerful in the industry … it’s been in business since Calvin Coolidge was in office and boasts a gazillion […]

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Making the Skeleton Dance – How to Gain Credibility from Your Flaws

by Mike Anderson

‘If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance,’ said George Bernard Shaw. Applies absolutely to your marketing… See, if all you do is talk about how great your service is, you can actually generate scepticism. Why? ‘Cos nothing in this world is perfect… and everyone knows it. On […]

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